Can somebody erase 'Frasier' from my brain?

So I can watch it all again!

Same goes for Fawlty Towers, Everybody loves Raymond and Only Fools and Horses.

And while you’re at it can you erase all the Pratchett books and the David Mitchell books so I can read them again?

And can you erase goatse and lotus-boob and Michael Winner. I never want to see those things ever again.

The same goes for me and Futurama. I love the show dearly, but I’ve rewatched every episode to the point of vapidity, and that new direct-to-disc movie was major suck.

It’s funny. I’ve seen a few dozen episodes of Frasier, mostly on long air plane flights. I want them erased from my mind for an entirely different reason. When I saw your thread title, I thought that you were like me and found that show to be insanely annoying. I wish I never saw an episode of Frasier.

I get what you mean though. I’ve watched films that I loved for a second time and wished that I was enjoying it for the first time.

I’ve felt that way about books I’ve loved. “Lord of the Rings” is the best example. It would be nice to be able come back to it as if it were the first time.

You know, I can watch this show again and again and find it just as funny the first time. The show works on so many levels, and has so many fantastic gags, that I can’t ever image in getting old.

What are these things? :confused:

A trick I discovered back in the days of Cheers, which I would watch over and over again, is to pay really close attention to the acting. Admittedly the ensemble cast made it easier, but watching Norm and Cliff talking in the background kind of allowed the bit that Sam and Karla were doing, to creep up on me.

At least there are lots and lots of episodes for the shows mentioned. With Arrested Development, it is just three (more like 2.5) seasons worth of shows to cherish.

Agreed. I love this show so much. If it is on, I must watch it. I have all five seasons on my PC and I watch them constantly. I know every episode by the first 3 seconds after the opening theme and I can damn near quote every episode. But I always watch it. No matter what.

To have them erased would be great! But would I ever go back knowing my addiction…

[holly voice]Agatha 'hoo??[/hv]

:smiley: :smiley: :wink:

Along with a will and a living will, everyone needs an Alzheimer list. Just think: endless hours of entertainment! Make sure to write it down beforehand though.

One of them is a huge anus. Not sure what goatse or lotus-boob are though.

Google is NOT your friend.
Unless you’re a sicko bastard like me who enjoys shock imagery. Trust me, don’t investigate.

Yeah; I missed the show when it was on, but just finished watching the DVDs yesterday. Although I wish it hadn’t turned quite so absurdist, it was great, and I’d love to be able to discover it all over again.

I’d like to be able to watch the opening of Monty Python and the Holy Grail and not know what went along with the sound of hoofbeats.

Ditto on seasons 2 through 8 of the Simpsons. The episodes are still utterly genius, but I’ve watched them so often that I could recite the entire dialogue in my sleep.

I was too young to appreciate the first few seasons anyways, so they’re really begging for the opportunity to watch them for the first time all over again now that I’m old enough to get all the jokes.

Not all of them. I found it hard to believe when I first heard it, but only twelve episodes of Fawlty Towers were ever made.



That’s where I got the idea. Saw that episode the other day.

I wish I could read David Mitchell for the first time. I haven’t read number9dream yet, and I don’t when I will. I’m saving it, I don’t know when I might need it!

Think how we Browncoats must feel, then.

Seriously. There are only fourteen episodes of Firefly. DAMN YOU FOX!!!