Things you liked but can't watch twice.

I liked Voyager and Enterprise but I can’t watch one single episode of either without being totally bored.

I am not usually the type of person who is satisfied with one viewing. I can watch any episode of Frasier more than once (given a reasonable gap between viewings) and can enjoy a good film repeatedly (I’ve probably enjoyed watching LotR FotR about 20 times now) but I just can’t sit through one minute of Voyager, Enterprise, and for that matter STtNG if it is my second viewing of that episode.

What shows do you enjoy, but find repeats so boring that you can’t watch?

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that was a freudian slip if ever there was one.

Anyone familiar with me will be surprised that I don’t watch Trek much except when it’s first run. I think I’ve watched TNG maybe a dozen times since Spike bought its rights and I’ve watched TOS and VOY even less. DS9 is the only exception to that.

I’m bored by most sitcom reruns. Humor loses its … uh, humor, with repeat viewings and I don’t see the point in watching a comedy if it isn’t funny.

I have no interest in seeing Spiderman or X-Men again despite loving both and being a former comic fanboy. I love X2 though.

I find spiderman boring after the first viewing too. (the first viewing was great fun of course). but I’ve enjoyed x-men more than a couple of times, and the same goes for X2.
I’ve enjoyed MIB many times. MIB2 - I enojoy will smith’s comedy many many times but the film is boring in the last quarter, so I often watch it to get a second laugh at the first 3/4 and then turn over.

I can’t watch BtVS *“The Body.” * The first time was so powerful, I can’t watch it again. The best hour of TV ever done, but it will just have to exist in memory.

I suppose Koyanisqaatsi would fit this category, but only because I hate Philip Glass with a passion.

The Game starring Michael Douglas and Sean Penn. Loved it and totally fell for it the first time. Cannot enjoy it ever again. Truly a film that was made only to be seen once.


After watching the pilot I don’t think I’ll be watching too many more episodes.

I’ve only seen The Passion of the Christ once and I doubt that I will see it again.

No need to catch Memento again.

“Liked” isn’t appropriate for either of these, maybe “appreciated” is better-

Boys Don’t Cry

Schindler’s List
Also, while I loved the show and have the first season on DVD & will buy the second season, I can’t say I’ll ever actually watch TWIN PEAKS AGAIN (OK, I will the ep where “Killer Bob” is apprehended because my Dad recorded it for me & missed a few seconds where he stopped & started it to edit out the commercials.)

Fight Club

I liked both movies quite a bit, but they’re both so brutal and sadistic that I simply can’t watch them again.
Same goes for that episode of Firefly where Mal is being tortured by the gangster. Great episode, but I can’t watch it again.

Friar Ted offered my contribution as well - Schindler’s List - not because it’s boring, but because it is so real that my brain and heart hurt after watching it. We own the movie, and I’ve only watched it twice in 6 years.

I really liked Welcome to the Dollhouse, but I’m never, ever going to watch it again. Just a little bit too cruel and depressing.

I love The Twilight Zone (the original series), but I have a hard time watching any episode in reruns, because I already know the ending way in advance.

And while I loved Spider-Man 2, I haven’t dared to see it again so far. The hospital scene freaks me out…

I’d like to change “watch” to “read”. I loved The Talisman but couldn’t get into it the second time.

Both of the X-Men movies were really good, and I watched both in theaters twice, but trying to watch them at home on DVD is painful. They both just became so uninteresting

Edward Scissorhands was a wonderful, wonderful, absolutely amazing film, but I don’t think I could watch it again…it’s just too, too sad.

I saw The Sixth Sense in theatres the first weekend and haven’t seen it since. I don’t figure I’ll watch it again even though I liked it very much.

Television shows such as smallville, Joan of Arcadia, and Scrubs I only see once.

Saving Private Ryan

I was shell-shocked bad enough the first time.

The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover.