Can someone define 'Yummy-mommies'

Perhaps this is a question more for the Cafe Society, but to me it is just a general question. On the weekend my cousin made reference to an area of Toronto where the "yummy mommies’ live.

What is a yummy mommy. Googling on this term brought up some hits that I chose not to open due to the content, but it also brought up some hits related to Sex and the City. Since I’ve barely seen that show, it really didn’t answer my question.

Is the yummy mommy this decade’s answer to yuppies? What are they?


This thread, I’m sure, will soon be either moved or closed.

Your friend was talking about attractive women that have either already given birth, or are of the age that women have typically given birth by. Meaning they’re either someones mom, or are the same age as a relatively younger mother.

Also refered to as MILF’s. You can google that one on your own I’m sure.

Basically, it’s a mom who hasn’t given in to “momdom” - she still dresses a bit sexy, is in good shape and works out regularly, takes care of herself, wears makeup and has a hair-do, etc. etc.

You can imagine this woman having interests outside of her children. Miranda, from Sex and the City is a yummy-mummy.

Ah, why be coy?
MILF: Mom I’d Like to F*ck.

As popularized in the movie American Pie.

See Connie Neilsen as a “yummy mommy”\MILF in One Hour Photo. There are plenty others to be sure, but this is the first one that came to mind.