Can someone do me a favor?

I’m trying to buy a small item and the only place I’ve found it is on a US office supply store’s website, and they don’t ship to Canada :frowning:
Is there a US Doper who can help me out? I was thinking someone could order it and then mail it to me. I can paypal the money to them or send a US $ money order. The purchase price is about $5 plus shipping.

If anyone is willing to do this please send me an email, the addy is in my profile
Thanks so much!

What kind of thingy is it?
I suppose I could do it for you if no one closer offers (I’m in Pennsylvania)

Let me know.

It’s a silly thing really but important to me

they are paper clips… these ones
I need a couple of boxes and I can’t find them anywhere here.

Anyone? Please?

Your call Rooves as I’m in the same state-therefore no closer. Unless some other doper hops in, it’s thee or me.

How about a little rock paper scissors??
Er, I can do it. It’s been a while since I’ve been nice to a stranger. My email is

How about you order it to my address and I’ll send it to you fer free if it’s only a couple of bucks? No, yes?

Thanks Rooves, an email is on the way, also thanks danceswithcats for your response! Once again Dopers save the day!

I love it when a story has a happy ending. snif :wink:

It appalls me that otherwise right-thinking Americans would casually participate in the dispersal of highly sophisticated triangular technology abroad, to a nation, no less, whose citizens recently booed our president. For pity’s sake, you know nothing about this so_da_ne (if that’s his/her real name) or what s/he intends to do with these brass electroplated goodies. According to the source cited (and I don’t pretend to understand all the technical jargon), our northern neighbor will now be able not merely to organize letters, stolen classified documents, and grocery lists, but “easily clip all (his/her) originality in place.” I think even treasonous weak-kneed liberals would all agree that if originality has a place, it certainly isn’t on the upper fringe of this continent, easily clipped for use against us. But you thoughtlessly abet the international proliferation of 28070#276 without a care for the consequences. Sure, you say, but **so_da_me ** is a fellow doper, a buddy. Well, smart guy, what about Kim Jong Il? Is he your pal too? Yet the idea of resale to the North Koreans never entered your mind. Well, I’m on to the scheme, and I’m blowing the whistle.

P.S. ** Rooves** and danceswithcats, if you’re actually with the Department of Homeland Security and are conducting a sting that will end with so_da_ne in a forgotten cell somewhere, please disregard this post. Let me know how it comes out. Use code. It doesn’t matter which one: as anyone who knows me will tell you, I can read hidden meanings in anything.


Holy CRAP, this is cool! While doing a Google search for “triangle paper clips”, I ran across the Early Office Museum. Well worth a look.


King of soup…

the chicken has flown the coop...(dot dot dot) I repeat, The fox is in the henhouse...(dot dot dot) end transmission

Thats one of the best nonsensical posts I think I may have read in the course of my many many sting operations. The triangular paperclip case is a touchy, hush hush type thing.


Ooh thanks for the tip about the Early Office Museum. Very cool!

Look what can happen on a quest for a paper clip!

I need the triangle ones to help make these.