I really hate big paper clips

I like little paper clips. I hate, hate, hate big paper clips. The big ones are like an inch and a half long. That’s just too big for a paper clip! If you need to hold that many papers together, get one of those fold-down clip thingies. They work way better and they aren’t goddamn big paper clips.

I especially hate the big paper clips with the ridges. Those are just awful.

But what I really hate, more than any other paper clip, are the paper clips that are covered in that colored plasticy latexy coating. I despise the plasticy latexy coating! Whenever I get one of those I just throw it away. That’s how horrible they are.

Fuck you, pal. I like the big paper clips. Wanna take it outside?

I agree with Otto those big clips have an amazing ability of latching in to other pieces of paper and causing problems. Any lone piece of paper in a pile containing large clipped sets of papers will soon migrate into joining that set without any manual intervention. I guess it’s peer pressure, but bulldog clips don’t get this problem, so I vote for bulldog clips.

My mother was a big paper clip, you twat.


Bet you drive and big ol’ SUV too…to make up for what’s lacking in the old “paper clip” department.

I love big paper clips. Especially the anodized, colored kind!

I hate paper clips in general. If it’s a short stack, staple it. If it’s large, bind it.

Ridges fucking suck.

But give me one of those black real clips any day, though.

Sure, until you slip and one grabs you by the little piece of skin between your forefinger and thumb. Fuckers bite.

Another vote here in favor of the big paper clips. How about I give you all my little paper clips (I hate them, they come off so easily) and you can give me all your big paper clips?

Ridges. I had the ridges. Sometimes you need the big clip.

You know the binder clips? The really little ones are okay, but the next size up you need to be Mr. Atlas to squeeze them open. I can’t use them at all.

NONONONONONO!!! I did not have the ridges.

I hate the ridges!


I am the clip master!

I love big paper clips. They’re the perfect tool.

Mind you, I never actually use them to clip paper. To me, they’re just an extremely short coil of very rigid wire. Almost as versatile as duct tape.

Sorry, you’re just so completely wrong here there’s no way to measure it. Little paper clips suck. They are not strong (or big) enough to actually keep papers together for more than five seconds. And if you have more than one piece of paper, they get all bent out of shape because they’re wimpy.

Jumbo paperclips are the only way to go. Smooth, not ridged - ridged is the devil’s paperclip.

I also heart binder clips.

Wow, the OP could have been written by my boss, who also has a completely irrational aversion to big paper clips. When I first started my job, the office manager said not to use big paper clips, but to use those stupid black thingies, because the boss was “afraid” of big paper clips. No other explanation was given; just the nonsensical statement that he was “afraid” of them. The office manager seemed rather upset when I laughed.

Ditto. Except the ridged part. Now we must duel.

Why do you hate Norway? :mad:

Ruffles has them.

AT LAST! Someone has the moral fortitude … the sheer gumption … to bring this matter out into the open.

This has been a taboo subject for too long. Otto I salute you.