Can someone do the following?

Anyone can do stage one, which is to report this post.

After that, can a moderator please:

Move the thread I just created to IMHO
Then rename it to “A sensible insurance reform?”.
Then delete/lock this thread



So, you created a thread just to have someone report your posst then have a mod move the thread and change the name and then immediately delete/lock it?

Wow, can I have some of the stuff you’re smoking?

Checks forum

Well, I suppose it is a factual question… :dubious:

Why on earth would I suggest that?

I am referring to this post, ie the thread that I had just created (when I was writing this thread). And that post hasn’t been moved yet, either…

Too many vague thisses.

I predict the mods just lock it. Next time, be more careful.

Um, can someone not report their own post for reclassification (e.g., you in your original thread)?

No. At least not using the ‘report bad post’ icon; it’s not there in your own posts.

Heh! I thought the OP was a joke, the punchline being there is no such thing as sensible insurance reform.


Oh! That makes more sense! I thought you were being silly in the OP!

No, you can’t report your own posts, but the thing to do is to report the next or previous post. When it’s a lonely OP, though, you’re right. If there’s no other posts in the thread, you’ll have to email a mod.

If you write an OP like this one, at least give us a link to the thread you’re talking about so we know which thread to report.

I went ahead and reported the other one and requested the title change for it at the same time.

Done and done.