Should we report threads to get them moved?

There’s currently a thread over in GQ entitled: How to Make Italian Ice at Home?. Upon seeing and reading it, my initial thought was, “This would probably do much better in CS.” Should the lowly members of SDMB report such threads to the almighty mods to have them moved, or should we just ignore possibly incorrect forum postings and realize that mods will eventually correct them as they deem fit? I realize that y’all have a lot of other things to do (I even heard a rumor that you have lives outside of SDMB! :eek: ), so I didn’t want to needlessly bother anyone especially if this isn’t one of the suggested uses of the report button.

Standard Disclaimer: I have no doubt that this question has already been answered many times. I read through the FAQs and couldn’t find an answer (which doesn’t actually mean anything; the answer could be there and I could just be blind as a bat), so I figured I would re-ask it.

Yes, the mods encourage use of the “Report this Post” button for anything that requires mod attention.

I guess that my question could be better rephrased as, “Does this really require mods attention?” Do they give a damn if things get rearranged immediately, or would they rather do it at their leisure?

You can report it, and we’ll do it at our leisure. Or not at all. :slight_smile:

Please, feel free to report anything that you believe needs a mod’s attention. We can’t be everywhere, and it would be far more difficult to do our jobs without the valuable input that the “Report This Post” feature provides. We may not agree that anything needs to be done, but that’s OK, we still appreciate it.

I dunno, but on my screen I see something that reads “This form is for reporting anything you believe would benefit from the immediate attention of SDMB staff, such as spam, advertising messages, and potential violations of forum and/or board rules.”

That says to me that topics that are in the wrong forum probably isn’t anything very urgent and would be handled when someone noticed.

It strikes me that it means more, like if someone was flooding or made a topic entitled “How to make a bomb using silly putty and dishwashing liquid” or was asking tips on how to kill a neighbor.

I could be wrong.

For a long time, it’s been agreed that that is worded too strongly. Changing it is a hack, which - as ever - TPTB are loathe to do. Don’t worry about it.

That was actually where my initial concern came from. I clicked the report button on the afore mentioned thread, saw that message, and rethought my actions. Thanks for the clarification though!

Sometimes, we feel that something in the wrong forum needs to be moved, and we appreciate getting the report. Other times, the forum lines are ambiguous enough that we don’t care much. Having something in the wrong forum is a different order of magnitude than (say) spam or fisticuffs, but it’s still something we’re glad to help with.

As a moderator who can only monitor this board about 8 hours/day, let me emphasize–

We can’t do this job by ourselves. If posters didn’t click the “Report This Post” button, I’d probably miss at least half the things that need to be done. That doesn’t mean just the spammers and such, but threads that are better off in another forum. Or threads that have titles which are so cryptic it’s a wonder people respond to them. Or posts which are out of place in General Questions. Most of the time these aren’t earth-shaking, but they do serve to help us keep this place running as smoothly as possible.

Thanks to all who click.