Do mods mind me reporting threads that I think are in the wrong forum?

I report a lot of threads that I think are in the wrong forum. I don’t respond to the OP, just hit the report the post icon.

I know it is easy to start a thread in the wrong forum with many Dopers having the SDMB open in several different tabs or browser windows. Most of the time, it is obvious. “What’s the best Hitchcock movie?” opened in the bbq pit for example.

But, I hope this isn’t an annoying practice. If it is questionable, I’ll leave it alone unless the thread has been there a while with no response and it might get a response in another forum.

Here, let me move this to…

Oh, wait, I guess this is in the right forum, actually.

I certainly don’t have any problem with it. In fact, fairly simple, straightforward technical requests are kind of soothing, a break from the “he’s on my side!” “well, she started it!” sorts of reported posts that GD tends to spawn.* (And these days, with the 5-minute edit window and all, there aren’t as many requests for fixing messed up coding that renders the entire thread unreadable.)
*Not that I want people to stop reporting that stuff; just that sometimes it’s good to have a break from it. Actually, what would really be good is if people stopped posting stuff that needed to be reported…

I don’t have any problem with it. By all means, report posts that seem to be in the wrong forum. The worst that can happen is that we decide to leave it where it is.

In GQ (as I think in most forums) we receive more reports than we end up acting on; and there are a few individuals who tend to “over-report.” But by reporting it you do ensure that a moderator will at least be aware of the thread.

And it is much better to report the thread than just make some remark about how you’re sure the thread will be moved soon without reporting it. What I find particularly annoying is those who post to a controversial GQ thread just to say something like “Here’s betting this thread will be moved to GD in 5…4…3…2…” If you think it doesn’t belong, just report it without the commentary. (However, I don’t so much mind if there is at least an attempt to give a GQ answer, while mentioning that the question might better be dealt with in another forum.)

I don’t mind at all. I can’t read every thread and I usually log on very early in the morning, so even when a thread is kind of obviously in the wrong place, sometimes I don’t realize it on my own.

I would express it stronger than “I don’t mind.” I’m delighted, and grateful, when folks report stuff that’s in the wrong forum. Often, I wouldn’t know just from the title, and I don’t have time to read every thread, so I’m very pleased with any help from y’all that I can get.

Dex gets excited by the strangest things…

I’d hope not, because I report any post that seems outta place… even my own. And as of yet they haven’t pitted me for being a pain in the ass. :smiley:

Moderators aren’t allowed to Pit members. But we are allowed to send e-mails to PITAs. So if you haven’t received any, you’re probably OK. :wink:

I don’t report all that often, but when I do I typically start out with “I’m sorry if I’m overreaching but …”

Is that necessary? Is it assumed? If I’m not reporting every tenth post, is it unlikely I’m being a PITA?

Anything you say is fine. Quite often it helps frame what you think is wrong with the post, and it might help us get some context. Just report it, let us be the judge of whether you’re a PITA. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Glad to hear a small explanation is helpful rather than obnoxious.

Um, come to think of it, those aren’t mutually exclusive, are they?