(Mods?)Proper Board etiquette after mis-reporting a post

So, I recently reported a post thinking the thread was in GD, where I thought the post was inappropriate. After reporting it, I realized that it was actually in the Pit, where almost nothing is inappropriate.
What’s proper etiquette in this case? Re-reporting it saying “Never mind, I are duh moron,” E-mailing a mod saying “Never mind, I are duh moron,” or just forgetting it ever happened.

Just curious - DESK

Don’t sweat it. We can see the times when posts are made and reported and when threads are moved. (You might have reported it, appropriately, in Forum A, only to discover that it had been moved before you exited the thread.)
If it will make you feel better to acknowledge that a Report was not needed or in error, feel free to re-report it. However, if you report it from its new forum, the Mods, there, are unlikely to understand why you are apologizing, since they never saw the first report.

We get enough Reports that we do not spend a lot of time worrying over whether we should be upset with the Reporting poster.

Back in the day, Gfactor sent me a reply saying “Uh, this is the Pit” or similar, but funnier. Did you get a reply like that?

I did the same thing recently. All I got was a long, cold, glaring silence.

Or you could say that nothing happened.

Personally, I’d report it again and say “Sorry, I didn’t realize this was in the pit, don’t worry about it”.
All the mods that got the first report will get the second one and not worry about it.

I know they get an email, I have no idea, though, if something shows up on their screen when they log in or in User CP, so if they pick through each report one at a time, that might be different. But that’s what I’d do (but then a thread has to be so incredibly over the line for me to report it, I can’t imagine being wrong about it).

The reports go to the Mods of the forum in which the thread sits at the time it was reported:

Poster enters a thread in Forum A at 7:55.
Poster reports a post in that thread at 7:58.
Thread is moved to Forum B at 8:00.
Poster finishes reading thread and exits the thread at 8:05, noticing that the thread is now in Forum B.

If the poster submits a new Report, it will be seen only by the Mods in Forum B.

(Obviously, if the thread was never moved and the poster simply did not realize what forum he or she was reading, submitting a follow-up report will go to the same Mods, since the thread is in the same forum.)

Eh, sounds like the best thing to do is just forget it and live with my secret shame.
I’ll add it to the list right above not using the :smack: smilie in the OP.

Thanks - DESK

Yes - secret shame. I have a few of those too.

Remember, no matter how stupid your report, it’s not the stupidest one we’ve ever seen.:wink:


And this is not the stupidest mod response I’ve ever seen.

That’s still mine, right? Hey - I need some claim to fame here!

Man, don’t sweat it. I’ve misreported posts when I forgot I was reading a Pit thread.

Did you reply to yourself as a mod?

Yeah, and I was a real dick about it, too. I don’t think there was any call for me to be that condescending to myself when I’d made such a trivial error, but I guess I didn’t see it that way. I thought about bringing it to ATMB, but I knew I’d just circle the wagons against myself, so I didn’t bother.