Thought I Reported a Thread in GD, but it was in The Pit

I thought I was reading GD and reported a post, but I was actually reading a Pit thread. :smack:

Is there anything I need to/can do to “take it back?”

They’ll just ignore it.

I did it once, and got a funny reply back. It’s part of the reason I like Gfactor.

In other instances where I think they might waste their time checking it out, I just report the post again saying to ignore the previous report by me.

Sending a PS by reporting the post again is nice, so we know that you know what the situation is, but it’s not necessary.

It’s no biggie either way – we don’t act on every single report we get, so it’s not like the mods who get the report will do something that they shouldn’t based on receiving it.

twickster, moderator

Glad I wasn’t offending anyone by doing that.

Or chuckle. :slight_smile:

Heck, I’m ignoring her report right now.

Seriously, though - don’t worry about it, Katriona. When you report a post, all it does is generate an email with a link to the reported post, and send it to the mods in charge of the forum where the report was posted. All a mistaken thread report does is eat up < 1K of a gmail account.


(for ignoring me, I guess? Heh.)

Can someone tell me what Katriona posted?

Basically, just “Personal insults in GD,” or words to that effect. Since I only get thread reports from the Pit, it was pretty clear that it was a misreport without even going to the thread in question.

And I just now made exactly the same mistake the OP did. So now I’m ignoring my own report as well. Man, we need another Pit mode. I don’t have enough time to ignore all these reports by myself!

Wow, at least when I talk to myself, I listen … :wink:

Is this the bipolar thread?


Does this mean that, in order to moderate, you have to have the post reported first? Because that is some funny bureaucracy–almost funnier than this hilarious thread.


Not at all. We can ignore you whether it’s reported or not :smiley:

Seriously though, we act on what we see, but we’re not able to read every single post on the SDMB, so we rely on thread reports from all of you to point out things we might have missed.