Can someone explain what this person was trying to say to me?

I was at a bar last night, and got into a conversation with the person next to me. When I told him what I did for a living, I was greeted with contempt. When I pressed him about why he had a problem with my occupation, he sneered “You people abuse the rights of the first amendment, then when caught hide behind the fifth.” Then he got up and left.

I’m a developer for PowerPoint. :confused:

Like the ACLU, a lot of people don’t see both sides of what the PowerPoint Institute does and react badly.

It has have been some kind of (drunken) misunderstanding or you are filling us in on what are on those slides of yours.

I think that’s just a really great way to get out of a conversation quickly. I’m going to memorize that line.

Perhaps he just really hates Microsoft.

I thought of that, but…freedom of speech? Computer programs are free speech maybe?

Pleading the 5th? “Microsoft refuses to answer on the grounds that it might incriminate itself”?

Freedom of the press? Maybe he thought PowerPoint was a newspaper? And developers are like reporters?

The right to assembly…language?

Nah, I got nothin’.

Nuke him from orbit, it’s the only way to make sure.

An amazingly large percentage of strangers who strike up conversations are total lunatics who will insult you for no reason. This is one I learned the hard way. Just forget about it.

Well, sometimes PowerPoint talks get pretty boring and long-winded, making one yawningly wonder about free speech and all, but that has nothing to do with your job in development.

It seems he thought you were involved with media/journalism, and spat out his canned tirade. He was just being mightily bellignorant. Shuffle him off your mortal coil…

Your a director for counterpoint?

Obviously he just wanted to fight the Power.

You were in a bar. He, presumably, had been drinking. I’d write it off as nothing more than someone whose liquor goes straight to the logical-conclusions part of the brain. Or possibly someone who just wanted to use that line :wink:

My new favorite word! Thanks. I’ve never encountered that one before but it quite clearly defines a few individuals I have encountered.

Maybe he really didn’t like Al Gore’s movie?

Guy #1: “Did ya hear about Mel Gibson getting stopped in Malibu for speeding last week? He mouthed off at the cops – sexist stuff, and anti-Semitic hate speech – then the next day came out with an apology, claiming that it was the liquor that made him talk that way.”

Guy #2: “Those celebrities! They abuse the rights of the first amendment, then when caught they hide behind the fifth.”

What Dooku didn’t mention is that he’s a developer for Mac OS X PowerPoint. The guy obviously don’t like that hippie, Steve Jobs.

I think you’re just focusing on the wrong rights. :slight_smile: You see, what he means to say is that you abuse the first amendment right to peaceable assembly by filling staff meetings with endless, inane Powerpoint presentations that contribute nothing to what the presenter has to say. And then you hide behind the fifth amendement requirement that, “No person shall be held to answer for any capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury” to avoid the jail time that all Powerpoint presentations so richly deserve.

Simple, really. :slight_smile:

Be thankful he didn’t think your name was Kenneth and wanted to know what the frequency was.

Maybe he misunderstood you.

Did you actually say “developer for PowerPoint,” or did you say “PowerPoint developer” or something else? See, it’s important to get the exact phrasing so we can say it really fast to ourselves and speculate on what the drunken idiot might have heard. :wink:

Maybe he thought you meant this PowerPoint. Doesn’t necessarily make any more sense than the Microsoft thing, but it’s about all I could find with a quick Google.