Can someone give me a virus through an online poker site?

Is it possible for someone to upload a virus to my computer while I am playing poker at an online poker site? I want to verify that nobody can do that to me. Some people get mighty angry when they lose a poker hand!

Thank you.

Your opponents can’t upload a virus to your computer. However, if you’re running an old version of Flash or if someone discovers a new subvertable bug in Flash, the online poker site itself might be able to place a virus on your computer. This would presumably be against the site’s interest, but who’s to say? Just make sure to update your security software’s virus dictionary weekly, at least, and you should be reasonably secure.

No. There is never a connection between your computer and the computers of the other players; all data is passed between the players and the poker site’s servers, not between the computers of the individual players.

I’ve been playing online poker since 1998 and never heard of such a thing happening.

Absolutely, if they know what they are doing. But it would be tough to target you specifically as opposed to everyone.

Out of curiosity how exactly would this happen? In most networked gambling, gaming etc. sites all players in game are limited to interfacing and exchanging data via the site’s interface which is typically not passing binaries, executables, dll’s etc directly from one player to another. The only thing a loser could do is maliciously tell the winning player to visit xyz site for great, poker, porn, or whatever knowing that the link is infected, but this hardly qualifies as unilateral forced uploading of a virus .

They would use their uber hacking skills to break into the database of a company that exchanges millions of dollars everyday without problems and send you a virus … or maybe send it to everybody with an account. They may or may not also transfer a couple hundred million to their own account while they have access.

It could happen … and two white mice might succeed with their plan to take over the world. I think the chances of either actually taking place are the same to several decimal places.

It’s feasible but highly unlikely.

The poker site could have lax security. The malicious player could find the site has a vulnerability that reveals player information (that itself would likely be a complex undertaking), then they could use any number of “off-the-shelf” attacks against you or your machine. It could come through e-mail, Facebook, or directly through your TCP/IP connection.