Went to get on pokerroom tonight and I couldn’t access it with the downloaded software. So I tried just logging in through their website. I couldn’t even GET TO the website. Wouldn’t come up. Okay, maybe the server was down. I’ll just try another site. PartyPoker. Nope. Won’t come up either.

The hell??? PokerStars? No luck. Holdempoker? Uh, uh…

I could not get ONE SINGLE POKER SITE to come up. I remember hearing recently that the senate is trying to stop online gambling. DID THEY DO IT TONIGHT??? Now a few hours later Pokerroom is working. What the hell happened? I was all in a panic for a while. No poker? Won’t someone please think of the children…?

PokerStars has worked for me tonight without any problems.

There have been ionstances inthe past where poker sites or software have illicitly altered you system to make it impossible to reach competitor’s sites (by e.g. adding incorrect IP entries to the HOSTS file) but that’s so easily detected/traced and carries such a backlash that I doubt anyone would do it now.

I’d suspect my ISP, were I you – or even more likely, an SO, family or friend. Anyone feeling worried of neglected due to your poker playing lately?