can someone help me find a rather strange cartoon I saw online a few years ago?

I found it on a thread, but I can’t remember anything about the thread itself. It was just a link to this bizarre yet strangely compelling cartoon where (and this is going to be somewhat vague since I’m just putting together pieces from what I can remember) a little boy is the main character and he stands there in the foreground starring outwards towrds the screen the whole time. Meanwhile behind him, is a town where strange things are happening. Throughout it all, the boy would not turn back. Britney Spears came out and threw a dance party, but the boy would not turn around. I think guys from Star Wars were in there too. But the boy would not turn back. I think something happened to the town eventually, like it died and crumbled, or perhaps all the people just died leaving the buildings empty or… aw heck I’m just confusing things more.

Do this ring a bell with anyone? please?

No One???!!!

Sheesh, I thought for sure at least someone would remember this one. It was pretty memorable.

Oh well, I shant bump it again. (anytime soon anyway).

It sounds like a dream I had after I chugged a bottle of Tabasco.

I think I know what you are talking about. They sing in Russian too, if I am thinking the same one. I can’t remember enough of it to pick it up in google though. In the meantime we can support your viewing habits by watching this.

Wow, you got lucky, my friend.

I saw it randomly for the first time last week. Makes me rather distraught to think that there’s a person so abstract (abnormal’s a better word) that would/could make that.

I suggest checking out the rest of the site ( They have kittens that sing various songs. is a strange video that everyone should watch.

So I watched the weird cartoon. does anyone know what that weird russian song is, or at least how i could go about finding it? Maybe someone who speaks russian could write down some of the lyrics and i could google them?

I have a lost online cartoon I wouldn’t mind seeing again, if anyone can help. I’m sorry if posting my query here isn’t appropriate, but I figure it might be since it’s along the same line…

I don’t remember all of it, except it had a Muppets song in the background, and at the end those two old men (from the Muppets) who sit in the balcony and critique what they’ve just seen, are talking. Anyone know? I can’t remember the main thing, except something bounces along, through different scenes. My kid loves this thing and I can’t find it.

YESYESYES!!! That’s the one!!! Thank you much.

I nearly cried when the space robot pushed (or was it “shoved”?) the old woman down the stairs.

(…umm, cried in hysterical laughter i.e.).