Can someone help me find this monologue?

I need to find this monologue from Lonely Planet by Steven Dietz, hopefully someone has heard of it. It’s the monologue where Carl is talking to Jody about having been a tabloid writer and about a story in which a woman’s apartment bursts into flame as she is washing dishes and she sees Jesus in the plate that she’s washing. If anyone could help me, I’d be greatly appreciative.

[SIZE=1]Sorry for the repost, but I think my last thread title was misleading, and I’m desperate now :(. Need this monologue by tonight :eek:.

What is Lonely Planet?

Book, movie, tv, play, comic book, ect.

It’s a play, apparently not widely known. Just two characters, Jody, the owner of a map store, and Carl, this guy who hangs around the store. It deals with HIV and AIDS, although the two words are never mentioned throughout the work.