Can someone ID this incest movie?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been looking for this movie for a while. I hope someone can tell me its name.

I saw this movie in 1987 (I was so young at that time). So I guess it has been produced before that date.

The movie start with a semi black and white scene (it felt like black and orange to me). Anyhow, there was a Cinema and the people were watching a comedy movie. One guy saw a lady setting alone, so he approached her and set next to her. He then started to eat from her popcorn. She didn’t like that at the beginning, but then they both laughed and watched the movie together. Afterwards, they’ve left the theater and hang out a little bit. They took a picture together and then they went to her place. When they were there, they didn’t speak much. The guy then tried to come near the woman. She was wearing a skirt. He tried to touch her knee and she was trying to cover her knee. Next thing we see her in the bed naked under the covers and the man was loosing his last piece of cloth and then joined her under the covers. He tried to get near her in the bed, but she kept moving away. Until she was about to fall from the bed, but he grabbed her and they made love eventually. I think they’ve agreed on marriage in the next few days. On the day of marriage, she was waiting for him in the church. He was about to get into his car to go there, but some military officers stopped him and escorted him to an unknown place. I think they might be the Germans during WW2, but I’m not sure. The woman waited in vain and then the credits of the movie began and the movie became in color now. After 20 years, the daughter of this woman went into an island were she met this man and they had a relationship. She introduced him to her mother. He didn’t recognize the mother (Probably because he lost his memory during the war). On the contrary, the mother knew him immediately. Later, she confronted him and showed him the pictures that was taken for both of them, she also told him that the girl that he is dating is his own daughter. He seems to get back his lost memory and then he through up. The Daughter was waiting for him in the Airport, but of course he didn’t show up. Ironically, like what happened to her mother. The movie ends here. It is noteworthy to mention that there was a lesbian scene between the daughter and an older lady (perhaps her teacher). They took a shower together and then they went to bed and made love (I didn’t see it clearly as it has been censored by blurring the screen).

I really would love to see this movie again. So if someone can help me I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.


It sounds like The Other Side of Midnight, based on a book by Sidney Sheldon.

Hi Ellen,

Although it is an interesting movie, but still not the one I’m looking for.


I thought that someone might recognize this movie by now :rolleyes:

Could it possibly be a badly remembered version of The Reincarnation of Peter Proud

Plot - a man died and was reincarnated in a new body, with no memory of his previous life. He forms a relationship with his own daughter. His wife recognises him, although he doesn’t remember. He begins to regain his memory of his previous life.

Could that be it?

This isn’t exactly the film you’re looking for, but it’s mining the same theme, right down to some similar plot points: the beautifully shot arthouse film Voyager (1991), dir. Volker Schlondorff, starring Sam Shepard as the father/lover, Julie Delpy as his innocent but cursed daughter, and Barbara Sukowa as Shepard’s horrified former flame (and Delpy’s mother). I definitely recommend checking out Voyager, especially if you can’t find your intended title.

I’m sure it is not this one Peter.

Besides it was a drama and not a horror movie, but thanks for trying to help me.

That’s an interesting choice indeed Scrivener, but I’m still looking for my movie.

I would love to see it again while I’m still alive :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.

What a coincidence. I just saw “The Voyager” this week and I’m convinced I have seen that story, or one very similar, before because I knew the plotline though I have never seen the Sam Shepard movie. Is the one we are looking for a foreign film with sub-titles?

Hi LoopCougar,

Actually I felt also that “Voyager” plot line is similar to the movie I’m looking for.

And to answer your question, Yes, I think the movie I’m looking for is a foreign movie. Although I’m certain that it was in English Language, but I felt that it was dubbed or something.

My guess is Stay As You Are *(Cosi’ come sei)*.

This thread with (NSFW) pics and discussion of the movie make it sound like a somewhat different movie . Remove … before www to fix link

NSFW! http://…

Unfortunately, it is not this movie also. Appreciate the help though.

This week, I found two other long lost movies from my memory. I hope that I can find this movie also.

The first handful of scenes almost sounds like The Last Picture Show, but I know that’s not the rest of it. Could be a mixing of those scenes with something else.

And I was going to mention Homo Faber as a possibility but apparently that’s the same movie as Voyager.

Hi panamajack,

I’m sure it is not “The Last Picture Show”.