Can’t move data from XP to Android

Ummm… I’m just trying to copy a picture from my XP computer to my wife’s new Android phone. A Motorala R2D2.

Windows explorer sees the phone, but I cannot create a new folder or move the image. I get the error “Files on this CD-ROM drive are read only”

Ehhh? I can’t write to this phone from XP? That can’t be right, can it? Any ideas?

check you’ve got the right volume. IME phones (esp. Android phones) mount two or three drives when you plug them in, one presents as a CD drive and has the carrier or phone manufacturer’s drivers/software on it and is read-only. the other(s) is/are the phone’s actual storage.

Emailing the photo might be the simplest way.

Do you have an SD card installed? I think that is needed.

Try this link.

I think, like the Droid 2, it has 8GB onboard and an 8GB microSD card default. so it’ll most likely mount 3 drives when connected to a computer.

I gbet that is it, my Wife is away for a few hours, but I will try that. I suspect that I did not go deep enough into the phone.

Odd. The Droid X doesn’t even bother mounting the system partition. It just maps internal and external storage.

You may also want a program called Android Manager Wifi, which, as the name implies, allows you to use your Wifi connection to transfer files and stuff. I found it much easier than of the other options.

Get Dropbox, it makes a folder on your computer that syncs with the cloud and you can access easily from your phone.

I’ll look into that.

Anyway, I did figure it out. It gets mapped as two drives. At first I did not see that and the drive I was trying to open was read only. The other ‘drive’ has all the system folders and such.

I’ll be getting a droid in a few months. That will give me some more time to mess around with it (my Wife is very busy and I really don’t have access to her phone)