Looking for Droid X phone info

One of the things I really want to do is load video .avi files (usually Divx or Xvid encoded) into it, and watch them on the DX, if I get one. I’ve been told that this is possible, but I want to double check before I get into a 2 year contract with this. I’m envisioning attaching the DX to the PC with the USB cable, dragging them onto the phone in some appointed folder, and using an app to play them.

For that matter, is there a consensus on what to play them with?

I just tried RockPlayer on my Droid, and it seems to work well. It’s pretty easy, and the method you describe works well. Remember to disconnect the USB cable before trying to play the video.

There’s also a setting to operate USB as a charging device only, should you want to listen to tunes from your Droid while you charge your PC from the computer.

Doubletwist plays those file formats, imports Itunes stuff and lets you sync wirelessly too. It’s about £3/$5 in the Market (I think it’s the wireless sync part that you pay for)

I use rockplayer but I think there’s a couple others too. You can use the cord just like you imagined but there are also numerous wireless transfer or sync apps, many for free. If you’re geeky, you can just use ssh.