Can the Trump administration revoke the security clearances of everyone in the Mueller investigation

Now that Trump is trying to revoke security clearances of people who criticize him as a way to terrorize his critics, can he just sign an executive order eliminating the security clearances of everyone who is involved in the Mueller investigation?

If he does, what happens next? Does it go before a judge?

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Congress could look at impeachment or legislatively creating a security clearance system that constrains the executive.

Does anyone really think it will work, if he does? Seriously?

Same intel info is gonna flow to exactly the same ears…just through different channels.

Intel community, not surprisingly, thick as thieves, and any threat to the democracy or country, that they should perceive, I expect would only further cement their solidarity.

Just another stupid idea meant to stir controversy and distract! Likely to have the exact reverse effect of the intent, in my humble opinion.

There is an appeal procedure within the bureaucracy, although the ultimate decision to revoke had generally been considered a matter of executive discretion not subject to court review.

Revoking the clearances of the active investigators, however, is tantamount to firing them. We know the president has the authority to do that, subject only to political and not administrative constraints, so if Trump were determined to set off that firestorm, presumably he would just do that rather than going through the rigmarole of the security clearances.