Can Trump block extra security at the inauguration of Biden

Didn’t the pentagon deny requests for extra security at the capitol building? Can Trump deny the ability to send the national guard to DC to protect the inauguration? Can he stop nearby states like Virginia or Maryland from sending their national guard?

Can he limit the abilities of the DC police or is that up to the DC mayor and police chief?

My WAG is that many authorities have power to deploy troops/cops, but almost nobody has power to ban troops/cops from being present somewhere. So even if Trump said, “I ban security from showing up,” someone else could still send cops anyway.

He can’t now that he is barred from twitter. He doesn’t know how to issue an order otherwise.

Seriously, I think enough people would consider such an order illegal and decide to ignore it. Or lose it on their desk. Or be so busy preparing that they didn’t get around to reading it.

None shall pass.

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Then you shall die.

I think Trump KNOWS he’s on thin ice with lawmakers that are still on his side. If he were to do that, his remaining supporters would have no choice but to disavow him.,