Can using acne pads increase skin aging?

I’m a male in my early 20s with mild acne.

If I continue to use acne pads (Oxy, Clearasil, etc.) every day over a long period of time, will this eventually cause my skin to age more quickly?

Are there any skincare treatments or medicines that are documented to increase effects of aging on skin?

I don’t think there is empirical evidence on this. UV light exposure (and X-rays) do cause faster skin aging, but the cells responsible for this are (probably) stem cells buried at the bottom of your dermis. The various peroxides and so forth from topical acne pads are probably not able to reach these critical cells to affect them. (while UV will)

Thanks Habeed. Are you, or anyone else, aware of any articles on this subject?

The active ingredient in Oxyclean pads appears to be salicylic acid. To my knowledge and wht I can quickly scrounge on the interwebz, it does not appear to be associated with premature skin aging.

Make sure you use a daily sunblock appropriate for the face. Sunlight/UV damages elastin - the stretchy fibers that make your skin taut and flexible. This article discusses the effects of sun on skin briefly

Benzoyl Peroxide makes your skin sensitive to sunlight (hastens sun damage) and may cause premature aging on its own if used incorrectly.