Can we get rid of the "IMPORTANT: Go to UserCP" pinned anouncement?

I assume at this point that everybody who needs to see it has done so and nobody new will need it. It’s not a big deal but it takes up vertical space that I have to scroll through (the horror!).

You can unpin threads by clicking on the little pin icon.

People are still returning. One fairly prolific poster came back just a few days ago.

This board now informs us if someone shows up who hasn’t posted in months or years – and, indeed, people occasionally do show up who haven’t posted in years.

So I think it’s unsafe to assume that everyone who needs to see it has done so. As has been said, it can be unpinned by each individual, as can any of the other pinned threads.

I don’t see the announcement. What is it pinned to? Not the MB home page and not this forum.

Ah, brilliant, thanks!

You’ve changed my life! I had no idea I could do this, thanks!