Time to Unpin the Thread About Verifying Your Email

It’s probably time to unpin the thread titled “IMPORTANT: Go to UserCP and verify your email.”

LOL, I was thinking the same thing.

You can click the pin icon to unpin it yourself. Or go to the bottom of the post and change the status to ‘unpinned’.

Yep, with the new software you have individual control over what is pinned, so you can remove things yourself. I’ve also been unpinning most of the rules threads.

There are people who only check in with the board rarely, and there’s at least one regular poster who can only get online at a library, and the libraries in her area have been closed for months and are still closed.

Anybody can unpin the thread for themselves. I think it should stay pinned otherwise for at least several months, maybe longer.

Cool. Thanks.

ETA: You have to unpin from each forum individually.

If you read the thread it unpins itself automatically.

But, isn’t it no longer possible to “Go to UserCP”?

If it’s got the wrong instructions, then it ought to have the right instructions. But that’s different from unpinning it, which will rapidly lead to its disappearing for anybody who doesn’t already know how to hunt for it.

ETA: in any case, as long as it’s got ‘email TubaDiva here if you still can’t get in’, then people can get things straightened out eventually.

I thought the whole point of that thread was to make sure everyone had an up-to-date email address before we migrated to Discourse.

Not everyone was online or on the board during that time frame, in particular people who rely on public libraries for their internet access.

One of us is really confused—not sure if it’s you or me.

My understanding: the point of the thread was that people would need to have an up-to-date email on file in order to log on to the new board. If they haven’t changed it by now, it’s too late, because now that we’re on the new board, they can’t log in if the email the board has for them is not correct.

OK. So what should be pinned there instead is instructions for getting on to the new board, including instructions for what to do if the email you were using for the board is no longer active.

But just unpinning the instructions and not replacing them with anything doesn’t seem like a good idea.

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