Can we have all the active format tags in the UI

There are more tags that can be used. I discovered [u], which I think is a BB tag. < br> works as well so at least one html tag works. I realize the window for composing is small and the bar at the top cannot fit everything (a drop down?). If not doable, a list of working tags would be great. I have a dark theme and bold doesn’t show as … boldly as italic does. If there is a way to get [sup] and [sub] as well, that’d be great.

Thanks in advance.

I concur, and I also would like colours for the letters.

They already work !

(Or do you just mean you want them included with the other buttons in the reply
window ?)

This might be helpful.

I found this a few days ago while I was trying to figure out how to do this.

No need to be in the reply window. I tried BB tags and they didn’t work.

I found that site too when looking for something I can’t remember.

However, there seem to be at least three ways to add tags:
Discourse own, i.e. ** or ~~
HTML, i.e. < sup>
BBcode, i.e. [u]

From reading the sites, it looks as if tags change from board to board that use Discourse. So, indeed, a stickied list in this forum would be welcome.

Do you see that little white double line smack dab in the middle of the blue (I think) line across the top of the panel in which the composing window sits? Click on that bad baby and drag it up.

Yeah? I think. It makes the window larger. But that’s it.

Hell, bold doesn’t even show as boldly as regular non-bolded type. That’s been one of my gripes since the beginning. I don’t notice that anything has been bolded unless someone mentions that something is bolded (ie “bolding mine”).

It’s plenty bold in my theme (Straight Dope Light), so it’s an issue with one or more particular themes rather than with Discourse as a whole.

That part I know. If it were like this for everyone instead of just a few of us, it probably would have been fixed since it’s essentially broken on Vincent.