Can we have the original eye-rolling smiley back, please?

The skeptical-faced eye-rolling smiley was perfect for the SDMB. Why chance it? Any chance we can have it back? The new one just doesn’t seem to fit the general attitude of much of the board. :rolleyes:


Er, why change it?

Previewing your post is a good thing. :smack:

And here I thought it was a slippery slope argument :wink:

Unless my browser found a fossil cache, it looks to me like all the old smileys are back now.

Yep, clear your cache

Looks like it was an April Fools prank.
Bastids! :wink:

Actually, no, Jerry just happened to get to it in fairly short order. I didn’t expect cosmetic changes of any kind to be looked at until way down the line, but y’all got lucky here.

your humble TubaDiva