Can we please close this thread?

Most Americans oppose offshoring. We need to take action. It’s over 800 posts now. And it’s just Le Jacquelope crowing over how he’s driven everyone else out of the thread. But he won’t stop adding new posts to keep it on the front page. Now he says he’s doing it so it’ll come up on Google search.

Is there any reason the rest of us have to watch him masturbate?

I’ve reported that thread many times, but so far the mods haven’t seen any reason to shut it down, apparently.
I agree with you, though. All it’s used for is La Jaq’s personal blog to post links to articles, talk to himself, and basically fulfill his mission of keeping it bumped up every so often. I can find over 10 places in that topic when he let four, five, even ten days go by, just to bump it up again. He’s got most of the people (so he claims) on that topic in ignore anyway, so he can’t even be seeing that many peoples’ posts in there.

I’ve closed the thread. But only because you used the magic word.


No, silly. “Personal Blog”, which is against the rules. :smiley:

Miller for President 2012

Darn! You beat (um… I mean…) me to it! I was going to be “subtle” about it. As in:

Which word was that? “Please” … or did you mean the last word in the OP?


Vehement maledictions! I was going to say that but two people beat me (pun not intended).

No, Miller, you’re supposed to close this thread - the one I’m posting in.

What, that’s what the title says. I don’t know why Little Nemo would open a thread to ask the mods to close it.

Doesn’t Personal Blog = masturbate?

don’t ask

Most blog writers hope for frottage.

Wouldn’t their time be better spent travelling on public transport then?

*Mental *frottage. The very best kind. :slight_smile:

Oh, yeah. Ya got me there!

By closing that thread, you have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the SDMB is in the pocket of the biggest corporations and that we are all merely puppets for offshoring.

…or something.

Then let me say thank you. Or fornicate. Whichever is appropriate.

Does it have to be either-or?


This is turning out to be one mother-thank-ing thread!


Didn’t you learn as a child to always be a mother thanker? My parents taught me that.