Can we post threads re: blogs, with links to them?

just that - I can’t recall whether or not it’s kosher.

Uhh, why wouldn’t posting a link to a blog be allowed? Assuming it was:
a) in the correct forum, and
b) not NSFW

Maybe I’m not understanding the question?

Well, blogs allow comments…and we’re not supposed to start “board wars” (which is, of course, not my intention anyway, but I know it’s an issue)…so giving people the opportunity to post elsewhere and discuss it here - I thought it might be too close for comfort.

It’s a really neat blog, and I’d love to share it with the women here in particular.

It’s NSFW, but I can include that in the thread title.

Well I’m no mod, but I think I can safely say that linking to blogs is just fine. In fact, in this day and age it’s not even all that clear what is and what isn’t a blog. Sure there are the typical diary-style blogs, but also a lot of other news or topic-specific sites run using blog software. Anyway, there’s no rule about not linking to something just because there’s a commenting system. It has nothing to do with the spirit of the “don’t start board wars” rule. Indeed, people often link to other messageboards if it’s appropriate.

As for the NSFW issue, I’m a little less certain. Usually people will clearly mark it as NSFW and “break” the link (add a space or other extraneous character). Linking directly to NSFW pages is specifically forbidden. People sometimes click links without really reading everying first, so I think the idea of breaking the link is to make it a deliberate action to go to that site.

Hopefully an admin will come along so I don’t sound like such a know-it-all.

Blogs: Perfectly ok with two exceptions.

One is linking to a blog not your own with malicious intent, such as “outing” someone.

Two: NSFW. Our policy is either a broken link or the “two-click” rule - where the first click will take you to an intermediate page, then the second click will take you to the NSFW page. What’s NSFW? A page you wouldn’t want either your mother or your child to see you looking at. That’s the best definition I’ve heard.