Can we see the original poster

Maybe I haven’t found the right theme, but the only way I can find to see who the original poster is of a thread is to individually mouse over the row of avatars. Sometimes, a thread topic doesn’t excite me, but knowing it was written by a particular poster would make me open it (or vice versa).

Am I missing something?

Simple Sam shows OP on desktop.

So it does. You’re a genius! Thanks, jnglmassiv!

For me it only shows the most recent poster, not the OP?

It’s under the thread title on the left.

tI was looking in the wrong place :woman_facepalming: Thanks!

Until know, I don’t think I ever realized there was a difference between themes and skins. To me, it seems odd that picking a color scheme I like means I can’t have certain features. I see a lot of people talking about certain features that only work in Simple Sam. Simple Sam, however, doesn’t work for me. There’s so much white space it feels like a 90’s style message board before we (the collective internet) figured out how to make them a bit more readable (it’s also blindingly white). Vincent has been working the best for me, visually at least.

But unfortunately, Simple Sam doesn’t support mouse-over preview, last I looked (and still has a lousy SDMB banner). OTOH, some other themes now have mouse-over preview but don’t show all the useful information of the thread list page. I am still wishfully hoping that we will have at least one theme (or better still, ALL the themes) to incorporate at least these specs. (In fact, I create the One Theme thread in the hope of developing a consensus on what specs should be included in ALL our themes.)

Yes but there is no ONE theme for all. Some people want to see the long row of avatars after the topic; I only want to see a name. I like narrow columns, others like wide columns. The idea that you could get consensus from 10 people, let alone 100, is to laugh. I can only think of a few things that most seem to agree on - mouseovers and good demarcation between posts (or topics?)

Is there enough room there to display ALL of that? If so, I could go for a theme that includes it all. I’m thinking it may look a bit cluttered, but I could live with that (and I can’t guess how it would display on a little mobile screen). If there is any feature that we can ALL (or nearly all?) agree is good, then it should be incorporated into all the themes. Mouse-over previews seems to be one such, for example.

The three things that I most miss are the mouseover preview; showing the original poster; and the pull down menu on the bottom of a page that lets you go to different fora quickly. If all those could be in one theme, I would be a happy camper.