Can you answer some Kim Jong-il questions before the KCNA does?

this is the e-mail I sent to the Korean Central News Agency (based in Japan)


is Kim Jong-Il called ‘Dear Leader’ or ‘Great Leader’?

and what is Kim Il-Sung called? I hear it is either ‘Great Leader’ or some sort of Great Leader but below Kim Jong-Il Great Leaderness.

Do you have the story about Kim Jong-Il’s first time golfing on your website? if not, can I hear what happened, I hear he played very well.

Best wishes…


Now, I think I know the first two… but I asked for clarifaction there.

The third question is based on fiction, but expect the KCNA, if they reply, to regard it as real. You can answer how he did golfing (in the claim or real) for question three, unless you know

2 to 1 says that KCNA ignores me for not properly kissing some Great Leader ass.

Kim Jong Il is usually called “Dear Leader”, and Kim Il Sung was “Great Leader”

Beatcha to it, pal. Here is the response I got:

As I had previously noted in this thread, William Safire has recently written a column about this subject. The full text or which is here,

And this article mentions his golfing expertise. If he ever wants to leave behind the world of wacko tinhorn dictatordom, he has quite a career ahead of him on the golf circuit: