Kim Jong-Il, the New GREAT Leader??

Hi Everyone!

I was taking a leisurely stroll on the internet (I put my internet surfboard away for the evening), and I happened upon the Official Webpage of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

On one of the pages of the website, they showed side-by-side pictures of the leadership, past and present.

The first picture was of the Great Leader Kim Il-Sung.
The second picture was of the Great Leader Kim Jong-Il.

The GREAT Leader Kim Jong-Il ???

I thought that he was just the “Dear” Leader Kim Jong-Il!!

Since this is their official government website, I was wondering;
Has Kim Jong-Il just been promoted???

He’s been promoting himself for years.

If we could just impeach Bush, maybe we could convince him to take over.

You might have a problem getting the American people to cotton to that idea. They’ve grown fond of things like “freedom” and “food” and “leaders who don’t build nukes out of popsicle sticks and paper cap gun rolls.” Plus, image being what it is in North America, it might even be a fashion crime to install a leader who appears to have a pancake on his head.

What’s with all the question marks???

But underneath it all Kim Jong-Il is so Ronery!!!

Because I thought that Kim Jong-Il was their DEAR Leader, and I was quite surprised when I saw him given the title of their GREAT Leader, a title that I thought was reserved exclusively for Kim Il-Sung.