Kim Jong Un conspicuously absent from important celebration

He’s been out of the public eye for more than five weeks, and was seen limping in his last appearance. Even more interesting is the fact that high-ranking NK officials appeared at the Asian Games in South Korea and agreed to re-open talks which have been shut down since 2009.

Further information here and here.

I am very encouraged. But then, anything other than status quo strikes me as a positive. Even bad change in NK may prove to be less resilient than the Kim regime has proven to be.

He’s off having his pubes corn-rowed.

Kim Il-Sung had a large growth on one side of his face later in life, and as a result he ordered state journalists to always photograph him from the other side to as to conceal the deformity.

Vanity runs in the family, is what I’m saying. It wouldn’t be good for public morale for the Dear Leader to be seen in a state of physical malady, so the likeliest explanation is that Kim isn’t looking his best these days and is keeping out of sight in order to protect his image.

Kim Jong-un doesn’t call himself “Dear Leader”. Just saying.

South Korean, American, and Chinese officials all say that their intelligence tells them that all is status quo w/ Un still in charge.

My guess is he’s gimped up and doesn’t want to appear weak in public.

Feel free to mentally insert whatever term of affection Mr. Kim actually uses into my above post, in that case, because the point remains the same.

Here’s your Weekend Update. In breaking news, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is still incommunicado.

He can’t talk? :eek:

He’s bilingual. He can’t talk in two different languages! :smiley:

Not sure why he doesn’t have a double like his father was suspected of having.

Has anyone checked in with Seth Rogen James Franco?

Of course. I was just being pedantic. I agree with the point.

In other breaking news, Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

So is there a number three son ready to step into the role?

Kim made the mistake of appearing ostentatious. He marries a hottie trophy wife. Obviously has been eating quite well and noticeably gained weight. He’s wasted money on a ski resort and other useless projects.

I don’t think that fit with the regime’s idea of a dear leader.

Thats not to say his dad didn’t live well. But he was smart enough not to do it openly.

Kim Jong-un is the number three son. His two older brothers Kim Jong-nam and Kim Jong-chul were passed over.

Jong-nam lost favor because he tried to sneak into Disneyland Tokyo (you can’t make this stuff up), while Jong-chul is apparently the Fredo of the Kim clan (his father supposedly said he is “no good because he is like a little girl”).

I remember the ski resort… sort of. Did I not hear that no company was willing to come install ski lifts?

I’m sure NK could design and create rudimentary ski-lifts that would work, but I sort of doubt they could do anything hi-tech, or even bordering on safe. Not that safety is a concern there I’m sure.

KJU also has a new water park I believe.

One report said his sister, Kim Yo-jong, is in charge.

Maybe Kim Jong-un isn’t even in North Korea any more.

Maybe he’s…


Maybe he’s just a little ronery.