Kim Jong Un is Ill

Well, he has been out of the public eye for more than a week. He missed two important ceremonial events. Now CNN says he is having a difficult recovery after some sort of surgery.
It might be true I suppose. He may be as fit as the butcher’s dog, he may be on death’s door. Time will tell.
His death without an obvious heir could be very awkward for the dynasty. His sister might be up to it, as a regent until … something, something, something.

I do not think Jong-Un really thinks it is his life’s mission to unify the nation. If he did feel that he was running out of time, he might take some sort of action.

Anyway, just speculation at this point. “Mundane and pointless” at the moment. Still, it bears watching.

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Shouldn’t the title been Kim Jong Il is Un?

(I’ll let myself out.)

That would’ve been the headline when his dad died.

Done (duplicate)