Has the Kim Jong Un regime in North Korea been overthrown?

I’ve heard that Kim Jong hasn’t been seen for almost a month and there might’ve been a internal revolt, possibly a regime change.

Couple things stick out to me about the current situation:

  1. Is it unusual for a leader of a pariah state to be out of view for three weeks?

  2. Do high-level talks between the North and South usually involve North Korea’s supreme leader?

I believe he has been seen in the past few days, walking with a limp.

BBC is still reporting it’s been a month or more since he’s been seen, and that’s when he had the limp. But his No.2 just landed in Seoul suddenly for surprise talks, and since he’s part of Kim’s inner circle, they figure he’s still in power. There are questions about his health though.

Overthrown, probably not. But watch this space, something is going on there. It may just be that a more liberal / reform minded group is making overtures to the south because lil Kim is in hospital or it may be something more. Let’s see.

Shitty job.

(Sorry. Couldn’t resist.)

I note that the first link talked about Kim’s ballooning weight. I had been kind of curious about that; he was always kind of pudgy and round-faced, but he seemed to really be packing it on in the last few years.

20 stone for a guy who’s probably 5’6"? Geez. Now my ankles hurt too.

I’ve heard he eats a lot of cheese. Maybe he has gout? That would explain the limp. But if he does resurface with one sock too many, then I’d guess diabetes.

Diabetes was my first thought. He was pretty slim in his uni days, and then ballooned up quickly.

Well if the Dear Leader has been overthrown in a brutal coup and tossed into a dank jail cell and murdered in some horrendous fashion … it just couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

I just figured he got a bad haircut and was laying low for a couple weeks.

Not to mention the fact that he is rumoured to wear high heeled boots to exaggerate his height, has gained massive weight and is supposed to be a heavy drinker.

All equals a recipe for a minor trip for most people equaling two broken ankles.

I’m sure that the Sharks are currently circling looking for a kill , it all depends on if he has enough loyalists to protect him or not.

If there really has been a coup, then there are competing factions now, have to be with more than one person fancying himself the new boss. Let’s hope the bloodshed is minimal.

So maybe he’s being kept around as a figurehead while the new leader gets his competitors killed off?

Perhaps he suffered the same fatehis uncle suffered…

BEIJING – North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s powerful uncle was stripped naked, thrown into a cage, and eaten alive by a pack of ravenous dogs, according to a newspaper with close ties to China’s ruling Communist Party.
Of course, anything coming from that little hole in the world is questionable.

He’s had laughably bad haircuts his whole adult life. How bad must this one have been to drive him into hiding?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to see the internets best and brightest are on the case!

Maybe he’s just pretending to see who would be loyal to some degree. It’s been done by dictators plenty of times.

If there was a coup and it came from OUTSIDE Jong-Un’s inner circle, i doubt they would’ve let the officials closest to him meet with South Korea towards the end of the Asian games. At least not with them coming back willingly.

He may be in some trouble, not sure if he’s overthrown (yet). As long as he’s still alive he can reassert his authority, but I do have suspicions of my own he may have gotten legitimately sick and some people are using it as a time to take his power away. One thing that puzzled me is North Korean state TV has actually reported him as ill, which in itself is odd. North Korea usually doesn’t admit its leader is human, let alone that he’s sick. The fact that that happened makes me wonder if his control has loosened a bit, and maybe someone is prepping the people for an announcement that “sadly he has succumbed to his illness” or something.

But anything is possible, it could just be he wanted an explanation out there for why he was going to be out of the public eye for awhile and people are running away on speculation. There’s definitely some people who have some level of North Korea experience/expertise who believe he has been overthrown, but we’ve heard that about his father a few times before and Un as well and it’s never been accurate.

Was he wearing sunglasses and walking with his two nephews on either side? :smiley:

Weekend at Jong Unie’s? :smiley: