Can you freeze carrot cake?

I was gonna buy a gigantic carrot cake today but wasnt sure if it would feeze ok.

It should freeze just fine. Is it frosted? The frosting might not freeze all that well but the cake will.

and then I just remembered that I have frozen cakes with frosting and they’ve done just fine as well so I don’t know why I was concerned they mightn’t.

Go forth and freeze with confidence.

Cool, thanx!

My only concern would be if the store you are buying it from had frozen it first. Things tend to freeze wonderfully - once - then they get funky if thawed and refrozen.

The icing should freeze fine too :slight_smile:

Ask the store if they have some frozen in the back. That way, you’ll minimize the icing cracking as it thaws/freezes/thaws again. Plus, it’s less work for them.

The nearby “Litton’s Market” has a wonderful array of desserts in addition to serving some of the best hamburger plates in town.
They stock Italian Cream Cakes in the freezer in order to sell them on demand. Other items also.

When thawed and served they look good but the sufrace of the frosting may show that it had been wrapped in plastic when frozen.

“Beware of the Cog”

All of the “Gourmet” Carrot Cakes at the restaurant I used to work at were frozen. We just thawed them out when we needed one. So yes, you can freeze them and they are usually no worse for the wear.

I had frozen Sara Lee carrot cake with frosting for dessert last night so I say yes. There’s some left if you want to test it.