Can you get an adaptor for a CB radio that plugs into your cigarette lighter?

I am thinking of buying a CB radio, probably a Cobra. Does anyone know if you can get an adapter like I described? I looked on the website, but that didn’t make any sense to me. Any information on this would be appreciated.

You might try your local Radio Shack.

They are available, kwc27.

How else WOULD you use it? It probably comes with one.

Per Mr. Blue Sky and as an ex-Radio Shack Mgr. I would say the Shack will have what you need, All you need is a simple lighter plug to stripped wire and some bullet connectors that will wire to the 12V wires of the CB. Make sure the head of the lighter plug has an inline fuse that meets (but does not exceed) the power requirements of the CB. If the plug does not have fuse you may want to wire a fuse and fuse holder inline to protect the CB.

donkeyoatey’s link was great but I think that site is dealers only.
Here are some install tips from Truck City

In days of yore when vehicles did not come with power points, you would find a suitable wire under the dash and use it (a CB would come with a fused wire attached to it).:wink:

If you’re buying a cobra, just go to the CB shop at the local truck stop. They will have a cable that will do the trick, no stripping or splicing needed.

There is a truck stop in your town, right?

of course, your cobra will come with the lighter adaptor in the box, so don’t sweat it. But you can get replacements for probably about $3.

Don’t count on the radio having a 12V plug in the box, It will come with an unterminated-at-one-end set of power leads with a fuseholder and quick connect at the radio end.

You can, as the others said, get a plug for a few bucks or scrounge one from a 12V device that you no longer use.
If you car has a the normal ‘negative ground’ system, solder the red wire to the center pin and the black to the ‘ears’.

CB’s draw very little aperage(about 1.5Amperes on transmit, about .5-.8A on receive), your car’s lighter adaper will be fine in that regard. The thing to look for will be ignition and alternator noise, which can be VERY strong at the plug in some, ok most, cars. If that’s the case you will need to take the power off via a direct connection to the battery terminals with fuses as close to those terminals on both leads as you can get(that’s critical, if you don’t fuse at the battery and that red wire get’s abraded against the car’s body, the battery will make enough current flow to very quickly set things on fire!).

See for manuals on all the CB’s they carry.
Search google for Mobile HF installations to see some of the tricks that Ham’s use to install radios

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Be careful if your CB is one that is … uhhh, well, an “export” model. The current such a radio will draw will often be far more than 1.5 amps, and the fuse for the cigarette lighter will fry when you key up.

If he’s apparently buying the radio over the counter and had the expertise to illegally modify it, it’s unlikely he would be posting a basic question about lighter socket adapters here.