Can you get hemroidds from sitting on cold cement

I heard from my daddy that you can get hemmroids from sitting on cold concrete or cement id this true?

Not likely.
Why do you want to sit on cold cement or hot for that matter?

Hemorrhoids are sort of varicose veins of the rectum, the area just inside the anus and come as internal and/or protruding. The latter causing the most pain and inconvenience especially if of the bleeding variety. Avoid straing at stool, standing in strained positions, avoild long periods of standing, etc.

I have heard the same sort of things - but cannot verify or deny.

What do you get if you sit on an iceberg?


Well one of the causes is sitting too long in one position, so I suppose if you sat on cold cement for a looooong time…but hot cement or your office chair would also do, especially if you are prone to hemorrhoids.


hill (who has firsthand knowledge of how being pregnant and sitting for long periods in a classroom can lead to this problem…ugh.)

And in conclusion:

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