Can you have too much vitamin C?

I’ve had a bit of a sore throat lately, so for the past few days I’ve been sucking on these citrus drops almost perpetually. I just noticed however, that according to the packaging each drop carries 100% of our daily value of vitamin C. If that’s true, then I’ve had about 700% of my vitamin C today alone.

What I’m wondering is if that’s safe. I know that some vitamins, when taken in excess, will poison you, and that others will have random side effects, and yet others will just pass out of the body if there is extra. Which category does vitamin C fall in?

Please answer soon, as my throat really hurts, but I’m afraid to take any more for fear that I turn orange or something.

Excess Vitamin C May Not Be Good

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Excess vitamin C is usually passed through the body. The links will probably answer any questions you might have.

I’m afraid I don’t have an answer to your question, exactly, but as far as the package labelling, the recommended daily allowance (RDA) is what you should have in order to keep yourself alive. My mother, a doctor, once gave me a vitamin supplement that had up to 500% of some things per pill, and 6 pills were to be taken daily. So I wouldn’t be too concerned about it, if I were you.

The amount you’re taking right now is alright, the excess is excreted through the kidneys. You’d have to take the whole bottle at a time before things were dangerous.
Everything in excessive quantities become toxic (even water and oxygen).

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Thanks a lot for your replies everyone, I’m glad I don’t have to give up my throat drops, becuase they work very well for me.

As long as I don’t plan on keeping this cold for an extended period of time, I should be all right, I guess.

Excessive consumption of Vitamin C, especially orally (i.e. drops or chewable tablets) can destroy your tooth enamel and cause major tooth decay. Vitamin C is Ascorbic Acid, it is a real acid (although not a strong acid) and it will attack your teeth.
According to a paper cited earlier in the thread, it appears that you should not exceed 5 times the RDA of Vitamin C. This would mean you shouldn’t consume more than 5 of your “100% RDA” tabs per day. Even if you just consume 5 tabs a day, please brush your teeth a LOT, and use a fluoride toothpaste.