Can you help identify this song, with no information?

Well, almost no information :slight_smile:

It got stuck in my head like an earworm, but I can only remember the abstract aspects.

I heard it playing while I was on vacation, and had no access to Shazam or any way to record it. Here’s what I remember:

[li] It is in a modern synth-pop-like style – I would say last 5 years, and may even be “current”[/li][li] Soft, “cutesy”, somewhat “breathy” female vocals[/li][li] Almost sounded like Rihanna or Ke$ha, but softer[/li][li] Female vocals only, plus the synth, no male vocals[/li][li] Chorus/hook had something about “take my love to the sky” (misheard lyric warning…that may not be exactly it)[/li][li] “Pop” sounding, catchy, repetitive, strong hook, though obviously not strong enough for me to remember it![/li][li] I remember a little Autotuning on the vocals but subtle, not overwhelming[/li][/ul]
Much googling but nothing so far. Infuriatingly, I can occasionally “hear” a perfect section of it in my head, but then it vanishes.

I know it’s a long shot, but I know there are experts at “name that tune” out there.


Excellent guess…but, I don’t think it’s her. At least none of the “greatest hits” from here:

Definitely in the right ballpark.

First impression is Ellie Goulding. And from your description of the song, maybe I Need Your Love.

That one does fit my description very well!

Alas, not it. The one I heard was softer, “dreamier”. Similar style though. Aaargh.


Saturn Dreams you nailed it. It is Ellie Goulding, but a different song: Burn

i don’t know how on earth you got it from my vague description, but thank you! You can’t imagine how many hours I’ve spent trying to remember googlable fragments of this. The only thing worse than an earworm is a partial earworm where you can’t remember enough to locate the song.

Ah, it was the “shining up to the sky” part of the lyrics. I’m happy you’ve found it.

Sounds like Coldplay.