Can you identify a Washington press corps member?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo.

It’s a little old lady, who seems to be pretty outspoken–and it’s most definitely not Helen Thomas. This lady might not longer be alive, since the interview I saw with her was 7 or 8 years ago, and she was about 80 then.


Well, based on the title of your OP, I was gonna say “Sam Donaldson,” but after reading the full post I don’t think that’s a good answer.

At least, I hope it’s not right answer.

You’re thinking of Sarah McClendon. Man, was she a powder keg.

I met her a few times down there. Always willing to lay the smack down on people she thought were gaming her.

Try here: for a retrospective on her from NPR.

-Jonathan “One time press corps guy” Chance

She died about a month ago. Her name completely escapes me, but she was famous for her outspoken (some would say badgering) demeanor.

Bingo! Many thanks.