From vague description: Id a feisty 'little ole lady' type WH Press Corps reporter?

And it’s not Helen Thomas or Sarah McLendon. I saw a documentary on JFK recently (“A President to Remember: In the Company of John F. Kennedy”) which consists strictly of archive footage. Anyway, two different times in the movie, JFK is giving a press conference, and one of the reporters/questioners is a smallish woman with a someone feisty attitude. I’d think it might be Thomas or McLendon, but it sounded as though he called her “Mrs. Drake,” or something similar.

Unfortunately, I’ve since deleted the doc, so I can’t supply a screen cap or snippet.

Likely May Craig.

The best I can come up with from that era was Betsy Wade, a reporter, later editor, for the New York Times. I can’t find a professional biography of her that would say whether she ever covered the White House, though.

Thank you! This pretty much cinches it, as this exchange was included in the doc.

You’re welcome. A video clip of her.