Can you identify this webcomic?

I remember reading a webcomic once about a med student’s experience as an intern at a mental hospital. I enjoyed it but didn’t bother bookmarking the page because I assumed I’d be able to remember the name and come back to it, but then I completely forgot about it and one year later I can’t remember the name, where I found it or anything :<

The comic was black and white with nice, simple pictures. It starts off with her going to the hospital with her lab coat and a thick textbook (“to compensate for stupidity”). The first thing they tell her is to ditch the coat because it’ll make the patients hate her. After that she just talks about her daily routine and patients. I can’t remember much of what happens. Anyone have any clues?

I think it might be “Koran’s Group Therapy” but every link to a webcomic page discussing it that I can find for it leads to an identical 404 page.

I don’t think it’s that one. Sigh :frowning: