Can you name this (poorly sung) melody?

Alas, the poor singing is my own. I haven’t thought of this little refrain in twenty years, but suddenly I can’t get it out of my head.

It’s classical, probably a string piece, maybe viola or cello concerto or sonata? I think it is either a Slavic work or in the style of one. Eastern European, perhaps.

Not sure of the original key, but I’m singing it in C minor – here’s a sample chord to give you an idea of what I’m going for… sorry in advance for my bad pitch.

And at last: Here’s my mercifully brief rendition. Can you name this tune?

It’s “La cinquantaine” by Gabriel-Marie, a favourite of violinists and cellists and string players in general. And your singing is enjoyable and clear! Thanks, hadn’t thought of this one in quite a while.

Oh my goodness, you’re brilliant! Seven minutes to get the right answer–at nearly 2AM (well, where I am). Thank you, DavidwithanR!! I love this place.

I don’t think I’ve heard or thought of this piece in twenty years at least, so I have no idea why it suddenly popped into my head while I was watching a crime documentary, of all things, which didn’t even have music. The brain is a weird thing.

Heres a nice simple version for anyone who wants to listen.

(And thanks for your kind words about my rusty ol’ voice! :slight_smile: )