Can you name this weird-assed movie?

It was on the TV, watched by other members of my family but it was just so weird that I was mesmerized. The plot as I gleaned it:

A Korean guy has two elephants-- a momma and a baby. One day the elephants are gone and KG goes to Australia to find them. He kicks a lot of ass. He finds that the Australians have eaten his momma elephant and proceeds to kick more ass. Finding that the Australians are big and his punches bounce off, he switches to kicking their asses with an elephant bone.

Somewhere along the line, somebody picks up the baby elephant and throws it out a window.
This movie was weirder than Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things.

Tom Yum Goong, AKA Honor of the Beast. It’s Thai, not Korean, and stars the ever asskicking Tony Jaa.

Thank you! You have made my daughter very happy.

Since when did Australians consider Elephant to be a delicacy?
Well it goes to show social missunderstanding and idiocy can go both ways :slight_smile: