"Can you order redrum from room service?" Sequel to The Shining

No, not a movie (not yet, anyway), but a book launch that comes with a promotion at the actual hotel.

Reportedly, you can even stay in room 217, where Stephen King stayed when he got the idea for the original novel.

The new novel is called “Doctor Sleep” and it follows young Danny Torrance’s “haunted journey through adulthood.”


Or you can stay where the opening exterior shots were filmed, Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood, a little outside of Portland, Or.

Great skiing, no hedge maze outside though.


There wasn’t one in the book either, so that’s fine.

I’ve stayed at the Stanley before. Not in Room 217, but just down the hall from it.

Given how disappointing the sequel to Talisman was, I’m not buying it until I get a chance to skim it. Wonder if King’s going to fill it with Dark Tower crap like the Talisman sequel who’s name I forget.

Roddy apropos of absolutely nothing, I watched The Old Dark House the other night. :slight_smile:

Me too! I’ve really been enjoying Stephen King’s recent work - in my opinion, once he got clean, he stopped just trying to gross us out and started telling really good stories.

No, but there was a topiary that came to life.

Yes, he’s been on an upswing for the last four or so books. (Man, is he prolific!) I just raced through “Joyland”, and didn’t want it to end.

I like it when he sets his stuff in the 70s, for some reason.

Ah, and was my titled namesake still dying in bed?

Did you notice that part was actually played by a woman?

Yeah, *The Shining *is my favorite of his, so I’m really trepidatious about this new book, but he’s been working on earning my trust back just lately.