Can you put a bike w/ milk crate on PDX trimet bus? Need quick answer!

Hi-- I’m in Portland, OR, and about to head out (in the next 60 min).

I was going to ride my bike down to my evening appt., but take the TriMet bus back (b/c of dark and rumored thunderstorms).

Will I be allowed/able to put my bike on the rack in front of the bus? I have a milk crate mounted on the back. I’m concerned it either (a) won’t fit (too wide … though the pics seem to indicate I’ll be OK) or (b) will block the driver’s view and be disallowed.

Anyone in PDX tried this (bike + milk crate + bus)? I don’t want to get stranded down there.

You’ll probably get a quicker and more accurate answer if you just call them and ask.

I have never had a problem doing this.

Oh, too late.