Can you rape an animal?

They called what this guy did rape. Until the dog died…

In as much as a dog is incapable of giving consent (and it sounds like the dog was both unwilling and harmed by it), then yeah, sounds like rape to me.

You haven’t been around dogs much, have you? :eek: :smiley:

By law, animals cannot give “informed consent.”

Ergo, I believe, all, um bestalist contact could be called rape.

Does the dog have to be above the age of consent in human years or dog years?

I wouldn’t try it with a porcupine.

I wouldn’t try it with a fox, I wouldn’t stick it in its box.

That was a dog that looked like it could do some damage, too.

If you’re going to rape a dog, find something with a nice fluffy rear.

Indeed, animals can’t give consent. However, taking in a kitten isn’t called “kidnapping”, butchering a cow isn’t called “murder” and having a horse pull a cart isn’t called “slavery”.

So, I dispute the claim that sexual intercourses with an animal should be called “rape”.

I agree with this, although I’d say that when extreme coercion and physical damage is done (like in this case) “rape” isn’t that bad a word.

And just to continue something that began earlier…

I wouldn’t do it with a bear, I couldn’t stick it in his derriere.

      • I will not stick it in a goat, I will not stick it in a boat…

I understand that the story is shocking mainly for the very uncommon (at least I pray it’s uncommon) violating of the dog. But why is there almost no mention at all of the fact that he apparently also molested a 3 year old girl and committed statutory rape with a 13 year old girl? Is it just because you really can’t give many details in the interest of the minors’ privacy rights?

. . .I wouldn’t stick it in a mole, I would not COULD NOT in his hole. . .

I once did it with a mare; I got up there with a chair.

That kid is a fucking sociopath.

:frowning: Not even funny Trunk .

Besides , you obviously don’y know dog breed very well ; that ‘nice fluffy rear’ belongs to an Akita , who can MORE than take care of itself :smiley: . On second thought , maybe a dog molester SHOULD try to have their way with an Akita . They might just get what they deserve .

I would not, could not, with a lamb!
You’re one sick bastard, Sam-I-Am!
… I think I could parody ALL of Green Eggs and Ham like this, but it’s probably not a good idea.

Holy shit. The kid raped a Pit Bull!

How weird. I’d be very surprised if there actually was a statutory crime named “dog rape” in South Carolina. I wonder if there’s a “dog murder” or “burglary of a dog habitation” charge. :confused:

      • That dog is not-exactly a pit bull, it’s a bull-terrier mix. Not far from it, but not quite the same. Can certainly do damage, I tend to wonder if he got the dog drunk first…

"here now, see sir, try your luck sir,
here’s more animals to **** sir, , , "