Can you rape an animal?

That kid is fucked up. Totally and completely fucked up.

Holy shit, that is one fucking sick individual.
inspired by Pratchett, of course!

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Beastiality’s great, Mate, beastiality’s great

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It’s a game anyone can enjoy. But yeah, that kid’s whacked.

My lord. It’s the ultimate country-western song. You could put in the lines “my girlfriend left me” and “my dog died” and you would even have to put a comma between them.
Anyway, it may be so much semantics but no I don’t think animals can be raped. Humans have a particular relationship to sex that other animals don’t (well maybe bonobos…those sluts). I don’t think it amounts to the same sort of very specific type of violation. That said, animals can certainly be violated and abuse, and quite obviously this dog was horribly abused. I wouldn’t be opposed to calling it rape…although I think the “most serious animal cruelty charges they have on the books” works just fine.

That kid is fucked up though.

As this is IMHO and all, I will suggest that to call this rape, even as depraved as it is, is to minimize the experience of the women (and even the men) that have been raped. It would be a stretch to imagine that animals would sense the powerlessness and degradation in the same sense that a human victim would. As i understand the most severe damage in rape is almost always the emotional and psychological impact. Therefore, I am not willing to perform the intellectual gymnastics necessary to define this as “rape”. Extreme and heinous animal cruelty, perhaps.



Tie me kangaroo down, sport, tie me kangaroo down!

Sick and cruel bastard. But if rape is a crime of humiliation, I would indeed argue that it can’t happen to animals. They can be hurt, they can be traumatized (my brother has a dog that jumps at sounds like a jackrabbit, was beaten up as a puppy) but they can’t share the feelings of a human rape victim.

I was wondering . . . do you all suppose that residents of West Virginia is breathing a sigh of relief, saying “Thank God for South Carolina!”? :smiley:


When you look at the pictures of the boy and the dog, which one do you think has more intelligence. Which one has a soul"

The boy and both, respectively.

That story has probably already been written. This appears to be a minor update.

I’m no expert but I would totally buy a mental illness defense.

I also know nothing about the mindset of a typical prisoner but if this dude ends up in prison…ouch.

suppose I should actually answer the question. I had two threads open on the same subject and posted to the wrong one.

Can you rape a pet? As big of a copout as this might be, I have no idea. I can’t begin to imagine how a dog would go about giving consent though. They’d also have no way of knowing what he/she was in for.

Is it wrong for me to laugh at the terrible pun in that statement?

I will not stick it in a cat, lest her “meow” change to B flat.

      • Well now---- to put it lightly, male animals are pretty-much always ready, and anyone who’s ever lived on a farm and kept different species of animals penned together has seen that female animals are ready for anybody whenever they’re in heat, as long as you’ve got anything-close to the right moves and your equipment is the right size.

  • But that has little to do with what happened here–sex among dogs usually doesn’t result in death. I’d say it’s a cruelty charge that resluted in death, pretty plainly.

Where’s the Doug Anthony All Stars when you need them? I Fuck Dogs, indeed.

I think not about a dog, he would not like my mighty log.

Well put. I couldn’t agree more. Indeed, notice how the article completely reverses the actual crimes? The two girls don’t even warrant the same consideration as a dog. Thanks, Fox News, for inspiring us with your top-notch reporting.

As for the jokes in this thread: betenoir made me spit pop all over my desk. You’ll pay for that!