Can you recommend games to play between ipads?

My girlfriend and I both have ipads.
We both like trivia and word games.
Are there any games that we can play ipad to ipad?
Would they work from different homes if we didn’t have the 3G ipads?

There’s “Words with Friends” which is essentially Scrabble and is specifically designed for exactly this form of play between two people on separate devices (though you can do a game passing one device back and forth). The same company also has “Hanging with Friends” which is a modified version of Hangman, and Chess with Friends, which is self-explanatory.

There’s a game which isn’t iPad native, but works on the iPad in the “2X” version, called Pirate Fleet, which is a pirate-themed version of Battleship.

I’m kind if digging on the Family Feud app, as well as the mentioned hanging, words, and conventional scrabble. I’m also in love with EPYC, but that involves more than two players over time.

If you are into games like Magic the Gathering or Dominion, try out this addictive, fun and quick deck-building game called Ascension. It’s based on the actual card game of the same name.

Get a tennis ball, an empty room, and you can play real-life Pong.