Games for two iPads

Do any dopers have recommendations for games that can be played across two iPads? My husband and I are looking for something fun to play together.

Bumping for the US sunrise.

Other than games where you have to go through the Internet (something like Words With Friends), do these even exist? How many people even own cables that can connect two iPads?

What kind of games are you interested in?

You can play over Wi-Fi locally, no cables necessary.

Ticket to Ride is probably the one we play most often. Very well done

The other one we play is Carcassonne. Although I must confess I still don’t know how all of the scoring works.

Not ‘guess the word/picture’ style games, but anything else really.

Thanks, I’ll look into those!

I think that almost all of the conversions of board games to iPad support this but you might have to search for each other in game centre to create a private game.

There’s an article here listing a bunch of them.

Thank you so much, my husband and I have been playing Ticket to Ride all day!
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Spaceteam! You’re a space ship crew trying to outrun a super nova. Each player has a different set of controls, and instructions appear on the screen. E.g. you get “polarize the hyperweasel,” you check your screen for the relevant control, don’t see it, and tell the other players “polarize the hyperweasel.” Once the hyperweasel is polarized, you’ll get a new command. Meanwhile, everyone else is asking you to fulfill their commands. It’s a lot of fun, though it’s best for the odd half hour here and there.