Can you recommend some good erotica?

OK, before you answer, please note I said “good” and “erotica.” Not interested in the type of porn you see on hotel room pay-per-view stations. BORING! My Hubby and I are looking for good story line, decent writing and acting and THEN something to get our romantic interlude off to a good start. Anybody seen a movie that fits that bill?

The genre you’re looking for is called “couples” movies.

If you like reading good erotica, I would suggest checking out literotica. I won’t link to it directly b/c it’s potentially considered porn, but if you add a dot com to literotica, then you have the URL. It has a wide variety of stories, some bad, but a lot of good stuff too. You just need to look around for a bit to find some authors you like. I’ve found the top lists to be pretty reliable.

Good luck in your search!

If you like reading erotica, also try the Erotica Readers & Writers Association website. There are stories there by writers who can really write hot, as well with character, plot and emotion.

Andrew Blake movies are pretty good for couples/women, I think. Not too much plot–I just bought a three-pack DVD set, and it’s mostly dreamy scenerios with very pretty women.

I enjoy Phil Foglio’s XXXenophile comics, but they probably aren’t to everyone’s taste. The comics are funny, sexy, and definitely xenophilia…there’s shapechangers, aliens, fantasy critters, etc. in the stories. Amazon carries them, but you have to search for them.

Umm,. guys, I was askig about movies. Can anyone recommend some specific titles? Something I might be able to pick up at a video store?

Oops, sorry, Savannah. I didn’t read your post all the way through. Thanks for the suggestion; I will look into those.

There’s a chain of stores herei n Cleveland called Ambiance which is like…hmm, your upscale middle class suburban erotica store. A rare sort of place where Mr. and Mrs. Soccer Mom can go - since they’re in strip malls in nice parts of towns - during dayloght hours without shame and buy all of the ostrich feathers, scented massage oils and 12" black rubber dildoes they desire.

Anyway, if I wanted “high class porn” I would go there. They have an online store with a DVD section. Mostly they’re sexy “how-to” videos but they have a couple of entertainment titles in the mix too.

I applaud their mission, I really do, but unfortunately the entertainment titles are making me giggle; I keep reading “Candida Royale” as Candida albicans.